Saturday, June 30, 2012

Starlit Carousel

Starlit Carousel is a title of EP album by Frau. Who is Frau? Let's check this out:

"Sebenarnya dinamai Leilani Hermiasih Suyenaga, dan adalah seorang perempuan muda yang suka bermain-main dengan Oskar, pianonya. Selain itu, bermain kibor di The Southern Beach Terror dan bass di Essen Und Blood." (source:

I heard her song for the first time when I was in High School. My friend, Anggietta told me that she had a nice song titled Mesin Penenun Hujan from Frau. I tried to listen it and yaaa, it had me at hello. On this EP album, she has 6 songs. There are I'm a Sir; Mesin Penenun Hujan; Salahku, Sahabatku; Cat and Rat; Sepasang Kekasih Yang Pertama Bercinta Di Luar Angkasa; and Glow. I think all of her songs are easy listening and unique. I love to hear her songs on this gloomy day. You have to try it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

You Called Break Up, Because It's Broken.

I always remember what did Gibral say to me. He said those words to me (those words that I wrote as title) when I broke up with his friend. Yes, this is the answer of my previous post. I broke up with my ex. Why did it happen? I had one not-too-big problem and sure I hate it. When everything went worse, I decided to off this way. Kay, surely I didn't want to make a decision alone, by myself. But he never told me what he wants. He never asked me to stay. So, this is my way. I never want to stay with someone who never show his desire to make me stay. He didn't show me his effort to change anything. So, it's better for me to leave him behind. Things have changed and I can't stay any longer with this kind of situation. Sorry.

Bad Blogger is Coming!

So tonight I'm going to say hello to y'all, HELLOOOO!. Yeah I know, I haven't written any story yet since May and it's been a long time. Forgive me, I told ya, I'm such a bad blogger. You know, everyday I open this site and read some stories from my friends' site. But, I was too lazy to write down mine. #justsoyouknow
Time flies so fast and many things have changed in this one month. I wanna share to you but first of all I want you to open your eyes widely and see my site. Did I do something to my site? Can you see it? You're absolutely right if you say that I deleted some posts of mine. Yes, I deleted 6 posts about.. Hmm.. Maybe you know what I really mean. So, why did I do it? I'll answer then..

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thank God.

Why am I so happy to get this long weekend?
Full week schedule.
Too much subjects.
Too much tasks.
Too much practical works thingy.
So, thank God for this long weekend. We really deserve it.

Sincerely, all of Faculty of Psychology UNISBA students.

Long Weekend.

Yay, finally I got this long weekend. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday means FREE DAYS! Thank God, I'm a happy psychology student.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

PVJ and Maliq & d'essentials

I have to tell you about this but I know it's too late :D but don't worry, Nidya wrote it on her blog so please, check this out: Maliq & d'essentials! :)


I made it for Fasya's birthday. Sorry I didn't give you a real gift, but I made it especially for you :')

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Fasya.

April 10, 2012 was my best best best friend's birthday, Aulia Fasya. She turned 20! After we had our mid test, we both went to bought Ayam Tulang Lunak near our campus. We ate together. Then I said that I wanna go to Dini's house to do "something" (sorry I can't tell you :p) then I wanna go home after it. Then, Fasya went home by herself. I went to Dini's house and planned something for Fasya's birthday with her and also her boyf, Ucup. They bought a giraffe pillow first for Fasya (Fasya loves giraffe so much!) then we decided to go to Fasya's house to give her a birthday surprise. We called Rossa, Tera, Ditta, and Lindy.Tera and Rossa came to Dini's house first to pick me, Dini, and Ucup up by his car. Then, we went to Bandung Indah Plaza to buy J. Co donuts and we waited for Ditta to come.. While we were waiting for Ditta, we ate meatballs near BIP and also took some photos of us.

Dini, me, Rossa, and Tera

Dini and her boyf, Ucup.

Hahahaha Rossa!!

After Ditta came to BIP, we went to Indomaret at Antapani to pick Lindy up. Lindy looked some candles for the donuts but she found nothing at Indomaret. So we decided to find some candles at another store near Fasya's house. We got it! We also got some birthday thingies! :D

Tera parked his car far away from Fasya's house. We prepared our surprises there.. Here we are..

me, Dini, Lindy, Rossa, Ditta, and Tera

the donuts 

Seventh of us went to the second floor of Fasya's house and her Mama called her from the outside of her room, "Neeeeng, bangun! Buka dulu pintunya.." then Fasya opened her room's door and we all screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!"  (sorry Fasya we disturbed your sleep :p) then seventh of us got in to her room to give her some birthday wishes. But wait! Suddenly, I felt something hot on my body. Then I realized that fire from those candles on the donuts burned my dress, ssssssssshhhhhhhhhit! I screamed and I tried to turn the fire off. I did it. But my dress was broken </////3 so, I borrowed Fasya's clothes and we celebrated Fasya's birthday by ate some donuts, tiramisu, and cheesecake. Yuuuum!

eighth of us!

without Ucup

tiramisu and cheesecake!

Oreology for my birthday girl

chibi chibi chibi! hah hah hah! haaaah!

Theeeeeen, we went to first floor of Fasya's house. We talked and laughed a looooot. And the girls cooked something with Mama Nina, Fasya's Mama.. After we finished our dinner, we went home.

the girls, featuring Mama Nina

I love you, birthday girl! <3


Hello! I'm back again :D I'm having a very hard time on college. Too much tasks and practical work thingies. But let you see me now, I'm free!!! Actually, I just finished my Interview report and I skip my class today :p so, I have enough time to tell you about my stories. Hope you enjoy :) xxo

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mc Donald's

"Killing Time Together"
talent: Ardizza & Fasya
location: Mc Donald's (Bandung Indah Plaza)
March 20, 2012.